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Metal Building Systems

Metal Building Systems Site Implementation: Foundation, Seismic Design Review & Inspection. 

A metal building systems foundation design is custom to the site, soil, and building usage. 

Inspections by the structural engineer during construction assure quality per design and that the building investment is secure.

See these informational posts with more information on why you should have and engineer of record for your Metal Building Systems project. 

PEMB Site Implementation

Prefab Metal Building Site Implementation. Foundation, Seismic Design Review. 

Foundation System

Several different foundation systems are evaluated, based on project needs and constraints.

Site Assessment

To prepare the site for the foundation the soil is analyzed, prepared, compacted, and proof rolled as necessary.

Footing Design

The required footing size, depth, and reinforcing is calculated.

Footing Pour

High-volume flyash concrete (HVFA) footings improve durability and minimize environmental impact.

Slab Preparation

Slab thicknesses and reinforcing are calculated and the slab is prepared for pour.

Slab Pour

Concrete mix has to be dry to minimize shrinkage cracking yet flowable enough to be pumped by boom on a hot day.

Wet Cure

The slab is wet cured for 7 days to assure a tough, tight finish and reduced long-term cracking. Proper curing is even more important in hot weather.

Rapid Erection

The foundation is complete, the metal building frame is erected.

Industrial Slab- Coil Loading

Industrial slabs are designed to support heavy loads either uniform loading or point loads from racks as well as wheel loads from forklifts. The slab thickness, reinforcing, jointing, crack control, and subgrade stiffness are all considered to select the most economical slab configuration.

Mat Foundation

When required footings cover more than half the area beneath a structure, enlarging the footings to cover the entire area speeds construction and reduces cost. This type of foundation is called a raft or mat foundation.

Shop Floor Pits

Foor pits for auto repair shop are formed and prepared before the slab is poured.


Stemwalls if any are required are cast or built of cmu.

Flexible Utility

Sometimes the slab is poured last to allow time for final equipment layout design to be completed.

Finished Building

The metal building manufacturer takes it to completion per the owners specifications.

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