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Adaptive Reuse

The renovation of this historic two story unreinforced brick bearing wall building included the demolition and replacement of all of the original wood roof framing due to extensive water and fire damage. Check out this new bones for old buildings story.

04Reno-634 Union Ave 06.20.20  - 28.jpg

OZER Foundations

A Pet Hospital supported by plywood sheathed CFS studwalls and long span Bar Joists begins with a SOLID Foundation.  


FOLLOW the construction of a CMU automotive shop from groundbreaking: Dirtwork, Forms, Rebar, Concrete Pour & Finish.


Prefabricated Metal Buildings need a SOLID Foundation. Enjoy the photo story and learn why you need structural engineering expertise for your project.


OZER Structures

Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) hollow-core block building construction is common throughout the country. Follow the story of the construction of this automotive shop.

See how a specialty-steel superstructure is constructed to create this three story, 40,000 sq ft, steel frame classroom building. Exposed steel connections aesthetically enhance the spaces and complex system of ledges interwoven into a facade that blends traditional and modern elements.

This towering four story elevator equipped and wind tested residential superstructure in downtown Memphis integrates multiple structural technology's to optimize strength, performance and economy. Check out the story and learn about the time nobody noticed the 100 mph winds. 

This pet hospital integrates a large glass light tower and open floor plan with no columns. This Ozer design integrates a bar joist and metal deck supported entirely by plywood sheath CFS studwalls. Follow the photo story of its construction.


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