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Dmitry Ozeryansky, P.E.
Owner, Principal Engineer

Tel: 901-305-654​​0

Dmitry is a professional engineer licensed in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas. In 2010, he established Ozer Engineering upon relocating with his family to Memphis. Dmitry's vision for Ozer Engineering is to empower builders and architects in the mid-South to craft healthy and resilient structures.

His educational foundation includes a degree from UC Berkeley and an MS in Structural Engineering. Dmitry boasts over 25 years of experience, with the initial phase of his career rooted in California. Specializing in seismic design, he gained expertise in collaborating with diverse clients on projects ranging from retrofits to historic building renovations.

Since settling in Memphis, in addition to new construction, Dmitry has passionately embraced the adaptive reuse of the region's historic architecture. His admiration for these existing structures is complemented by a dedication to cost-effective construction practices. Dmitry leverages his comprehensive expertise to integrate materials like timber, cold-formed steel (CFS), prefab solutions, and other cost-efficient systems.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dmitry actively participates in non-profit and professional organizations, building positive relationships within the community. Through volunteering, he has become an integral part of initiatives that extend beyond Ozer Engineering's core mission, contributing to the overall well-being of the Memphis area.

Elizabeth Collier
Business Operations Manager

Tel: 901-305-654​​0

Elizabeth serves as your primary contact at Ozer, overseeing project management for both assessments and design. She coordinates with homeowners, property managers, realtors, architects, owners, developers, and contractors, ensuring effective communication and swift problem resolution. She works closely with our engineering design team to make sure deadlines are met. 

However, beyond these responsibilities, Elizabeth is deeply committed to Ozer's growth and, in collaboration with Dmitry, is actively involved in building and leading a team to achieve the company's next milestones. Away from her formal duties, Elizabeth channels her passion for historical brick architecture, common here in Memphis, delving into its rich history. 

Hessam "Sam" Madanipour
Engineering Design Manager

Tel: 901-305-6540

Hessam administrates and coordinates projects with our engineering team. He became an invaluable addition to our team upon earning his graduate degree from the University of Memphis. His engineering expertise has been finely honed seamlessly contributing to projects from their conceptualization to the final stages of construction administration. Hessam's exceptional analytical skills are evident in his meticulous approach, ensuring precision and accuracy in every aspect of his work. Furthermore, he plays a pivotal role in conducting thorough commercial assessments, showcasing his keen attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality results.

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