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CMU Building

Foundation Design

The Pet Hospitals Collierville

Zellner Automotive in Collierville, TN. Christopher Schmidt & Peter Warren: Architects.

CMU Bearing Wall Building with clear span Bar Joist and Metal Deck Roof. Office areas are stick framed of CFS studs and plywood.​

Material Selection

CMU bearing walls with bar joist and metal deck roof are a good choice for an automotive shop or similar facility where the walls are subject to impact and abuse, and a clear span of 30' or more is desired.

Soil Analysis

A solid foundation begins by understanding the earth at the site. Soil bearing capacity is analyzed, footing size and depth calculated, & the slab's stable dry base ensured.

Footing Design

Optimally reinforced footings assure the performance of bearing walls.

Footing Pour Completed

With footings completed, its time to prep for the tricky part: the Slab.

CMU Base Course & Formwork

Below grade CMU is laid out and formwork for the slab is built.

Locking out moisture

The moisture barrier is installed in the building office areas.

Automotive Floor

The pits are poured first, with rebar dowels ready to lock into the slab pour.

Finishing Touches

We visit the site to verify that all prep work and rebar conforms to the Construction Documents. Final adjustments are made per OZER punchlist.

Slab Pour

The slab is poured in one continuous operation to avoid concrete cold-joints.

Mix Specification

Concrete mix has to be dry to minimize shrinkage cracking yet flowable enough to be pumped by boom on a hot day.

Wet Cure

Once finished, the slab is wet cured for 7 days to assure a tough, tight finish and reduced long-term cracking. Proper curing is even more important in hot weather.

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