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634 Union

634 Union





The renovation of this historic two story unreinforced brick bearing wall building included the demolition and replacement of all of the original wood roof framing due to extensive water and fire damage. Even the foundations had to be strengthened and enlarged.

The 2nd floor was modified and repaired and overlaid with a gypcrete topping that gives the old wood floor the appearance and flatness of a new concrete slab.

The front storefront façade was delicately restored, modernized, and extensively braced back to the building floors and roofs via new steel strongbacks and bracing elements

New CFS plywood sheathed studwalls and X-braced frames provide lateral bracing to resist seismic and wind forces without adding substantially to cost.
Th existing brick walls were repaired and anchored to the floor and roof framing for seismic restraint and wind stability. The through-wall anchors’ exterior plates are laser cut stars paying homage to traditional cast iron star plates.


Brick Masonry


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