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Transforming Travel Experience: Memphis International Airport Concourse B Modernization

Memphis International Airport recently completed a renovation of Concourse B. This major project, led by architectural firm UrbanARCH, brought together a team of talented professionals to create a state-of-the-art concourse that seamlessly blends functionality, aesthetics, and art. One of the standout features of this renovation is an awe-inspiring art installation titled "Intertwining" by renowned artist Yancy Villa-Calvo. Under the expert guidance of Architect Brg3s and Ozer Engineering, the integration of this mesmerizing artwork elevates the airport's ambiance.

"Intertwining": A Fusion of Art and Engineering

As part of the Concourse B modernization project, Yancy Villa-Calvo's captivating art installation, "Intertwining" was incorporated.

Intertwining art installation at Memphis International Airport
"Intertwining" by Yancy Villa-Calvo

The art installation, inspired by the vibrant culture and soulful history of Memphis, showcases a series of intertwining metal ribbons suspended from the ceiling, creating a stunning visual experience for passengers. These dynamic, flowing ribbons represent the harmonious convergence of diverse elements, mirroring the unity and connectivity found within the city itself.

At Ozer Engineering, we played a crucial role in realizing the vision of "Intertwining." We were enlisted to design invisible supports for the art installation. By ingeniously concealing the support systems, the artwork appears to be floating, creating a sense of ethereal beauty and wonder. We analyzed the structural integrity of the concourse to determine the optimal design and support systems for the art installation. We were able to find a solution that not only met the highest safety standards but also allowed Villa-Calvo's artwork to take center stage.

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