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The Importance of Improving Stormwater Drainage in the Mid-South

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

The Mid-South region, encompassing portions of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi, faces unique climate and environmental challenges. Structures in this area are susceptible to foundation settlements and other deterioration caused by standing stormwater near the foundation. With flat, poorly draining sites, unstable soil conditions, crawlspaces, and high humidity, addressing stormwater drainage issues is crucial to protecting buildings from damage. In fact, this is one of the most common causes of building problems that we are called upon to assess. Ozer Engineering understands the importance of proper drainage and offers comprehensive solutions to resolve these issues.

Standing water is the most common cause of of foundation settlements in our region. Excessive water accumulation saturates the soil, leading to settlements, this, in turn, often causes cracking of finishes at both interior and exterior of the house. On slab foundations, the wood wall framing is often insufficiently elevated high enough above grade, which leads to structural damage to wood framing (i.e. rot). Crawlspaces are also particularly vulnerable, with stormwater causing moisture buildup under the house and promoting mold and mildew growth, endangering both the structure and occupants' health. Ozer Engineering conducts thorough site assessments including crawlspaces, identifying drainage problems, and developing comprehensive drainage improvement plans along with repairs to any damaged components.

Ponding water against foundation of a house in Memphis
Residential foundation issues are common in the mid-south, caused by poor drainage. We will design a solution to direct stormwater away from your foundation.

Tailored drainage solutions include grading adjustments, gutters, swales, French drains, and appropriate landscaping techniques. These measures redirect water away from foundations, mitigating or eliminating the risk of standing water. Ozer Engineering emphasizes the value of grading and swales for flat sites with little or no elevation drop. Swales are shallow drainage channels that collect and direct stormwater to the street or to lower areas in the yard, providing natural and environmentally friendly stormwater management.

Our stormwater drainage solutions can be incorporated into landscaping designs that enhance property aesthetics. By investing in proper drainage, property owners protect their structures and create healthier living spaces...and healthier landscapes.

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