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Structural Property Assessments by Ozer Engineering: Peace of Mind for Memphis/Shelby County Buyers

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

When purchasing a commercial or residential property, understanding its structural integrity is vital. Ozer Engineering, a trusted name in the industry, offers affordable and thorough property assessments in the Memphis/Greater Shelby County area. If an initial home inspector raises concerns and recommends further inspection by a structural engineer, Ozer Engineering steps in to provide detailed evaluations. Our assessments cover specific issues or offer comprehensive structural inspections, including site-related concerns like soil or drainage issues common in the Mid-South. With the aim of giving buyers peace of mind and enabling well-informed decisions, we work with local buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and property managers. When repairs are necessary, we provide clear instructions for the contractor, including repair details when necessary.

Affordable and Thorough Assessments:

Ozer Engineering understands the importance of addressing structural concerns promptly and efficiently. We offer affordable property assessments tailored to meet the specific needs of Memphis/Greater Shelby County buyers. Whether it's a specific issue flagged by the initial home inspector or a comprehensive examination of the entire structure and site, our experienced team provides comprehensive evaluations.

Timely Reports for Informed Decisions:

Recognizing the time-sensitive nature of real estate transactions, Ozer Engineering provides various reporting options to accommodate different needs:

  1. Same-Day Verbal Reports: To provide immediate decision-making advice, our experienced engineers offer same-day verbal reports. This allows buyers to receive real-time communication of findings, concerns, and initial recommendations, empowering them to make informed decisions quickly.

  2. Written Reports (Typically 5-7 Business Days): Our comprehensive written reports are typically delivered within 5-7 business days. These reports provide a detailed analysis of the property's condition, recommendations, and any necessary remedial actions. They serve as invaluable references for buyers, their advisors, and the contractors who perform the repairs.

  3. Expedited Reports: For those requiring faster turnaround, we offer an optional expedite fee. With this option, buyers can receive comprehensive written reports within 24-48 hours, ensuring urgent timelines are met while maintaining our commitment to quality and accuracy.

Collaborative Approach and Local Expertise:

At Ozer Engineering, we value our relationship with the local community and work closely with buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and property managers. Our team understands the unique challenges and considerations specific to the Memphis/Shelby County area, including current and historic construction practices and materials, including soil and drainage issues common in the Mid-South region. By collaborating with all stakeholders, we contribute to successful property transactions and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Contact Ozer Engineering today to schedule your follow-up structural inspection and gain the confidence you need to make a sound real estate purchase decision.

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