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Ozer Engineering's Insights on Hot Dip Galvanization: Mitigating Overhead Corrosion Risks

Updated: May 10, 2023

Through a recent inspection at a galvanization facility in Arkansas, we uncovered significant capacity loss in long-span steel girders located above the galvanization baths. This finding underscores the need for proactive measures to mitigate corrosion effects and ensure the structural integrity of buildings.

Discovering Capacity Loss in Long Span Steel Girders: During our inspection, we encountered a concerning issue: long-span steel girders had experienced a considerable loss in load-carrying capacity due to the corrosive effects of the galvanization process below. This corrosion, resulting from the emissions released during galvanization, had gradually weakened the steel, posing a potential risk to the structural integrity of the affected buildings.

Mitigation Strategies: Our Commitment to Long-Term Durability: At Ozer Engineering, we believe in proactive and innovative solutions to combat corrosion risks. Through enhanced protective coatings, regular inspections, and collaborative efforts, we can ensure the longevity and durability of structural steel:

  1. Enhanced Protective Coatings: Applying advanced high-performance paint systems or epoxy coatings can act as an additional layer of defense against corrosion. These coatings serve as a barrier, minimizing direct exposure to corrosive emissions.

  2. Regular Inspections by Qualified Engineers: Routine inspections conducted by experienced structural engineers allow for early detection of corrosion and degradation. This enables targeted maintenance or repair interventions to restore the load-carrying capacity of affected steel components.

  3. Collaboration for Best Practices: We emphasize the importance of close collaboration between structural engineers, galvanizers, and facility operators. By sharing insights and experiences, we can collectively develop strategies to mitigate the impact of galvanization emissions on structural steel.

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