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CONDO ASSOCIATIONS - What Benefit Does a Structural Engineer Bring to a Project?

If you are in the greater Memphis area and are about to take on any of these projects at your association, please give us a call for a consultation to discuss.

  • roof replacement

  • balcony, deck, stair, landing repairs or replacement

  • facade repairs

  • locating water intrusion sources and repairing

  • planning for alterations or additions

We will cost less in the long run than you anticipate. And we bring all these benefits:

  • Expert knowledge of your building's existing materials and building systems.

  • Determination of the most practical, economical, and long-lasting repair and protection solutions that will integrate well with what is existing.

  • Cost vs. benefit breakdown of repair vs. replacement options so you can make good decisions.

  • Consideration of your building's historical style maintains consistency and aesthetic appeal.

  • We advocate for the condominium association, meaning our goal is you get the best bang for your buck, whatever your goals.

  • We provide plans and specifications for bidding to ensure all contractors are estimating the same things, no more or less.

  • Our site visits during construction assure quality workmanship.

The engineer is critical to the success of the project. Why? The engineer allows the condominium board to stay in control of the project from the outset and not let the contractor run up your bill on things you don't need. The engineer gives you and the contractor the project specs and ensures the project gets completed properly. The only unbiased way to know that your contractor completed a project as they were supposed to with the correct steps and products is by having a third-party engineer provide construction administration. The engineer is YOUR expert and advocate. Even the best contractors are not.

Having an engineer assess the needs of the structure and provide a scope of work to be bid and specifications for that scope is the only way to ensure that all the contractors are bidding on the same thing.

"What is the worst that can happen if we don't hire an engineer?" Not having an engineer involved from beginning to end typically ends up costing the building more money in the long term in many cases. We have been brought in numerous times AFTER a project was in process or completed by a qualified and well-intentioned contractor who was missing the qualifications on a key piece needed to fix the problem correctly. At that point, the engineer has to come in and assess anyway, and the contracting work has to be redone properly.

When expensive structural repairs are required, having a structural engineer involved from the start will ensure you stay in control and get quality workmanship. Example of a parking garage rooftop tennis court in need of structural repairs.

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